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Wonderfully soft to the touch and highly absorbent, the bamboo bath towel from our beautiful MotulinKa collection.


This product is made of the highest quality bamboo terry cloth.


The hooded baby towel, designed with a pair of adorable ears. Cuddled immediately after the bath, the baby feels a feeling of security and closeness.


Our bamboo bath towel can be used as a house, pool or beach towel. Thanks to its size, the hooded cape is ideal for toddlers and those aged 3 years old.


The towel is the best choice for your baby's sensitive skin. It is antibacterial, anti-odor and non-allergenic. Fiber renowned for its thermoregulatory properties. The bath cape maintains the right temperature, protects against overheating and blocks ultraviolet (UV) rays. Bamboo absorbs about 60% more water than cotton and dries quickly. 




Composition: 50% bamboo, 50% cotton muslin


Made in Poland (EU)

Hooded cape Bamboo Tractors - MotulinKa