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The blanket is made from a very soft and delicate fabric - a cotton muslin. The blanket is double-sided, which means that despite its lightness and delicacy, it will protect your baby from cool evenings, and at the same time, it will not let him get too hot on hot days.


The blanket can be used as bedding in the crib as well as in the pram during walks. You can also wrap your baby in it. Thanks to the muslin fabric, you can use the blanket in winter as well as in summer!


The blanket has been sewn by hand.



Blanket: 115x85cm

Pillow: 30x40cm


Composition: 100% high quality cotton (very good heat regulation, thermoregulatory function, prevents overheating and wraps gently)


MotulinKa is a small, family-run workshop set up by Monika, which makes unique handmade sleeping and wrapping products for children. The fabrics used are of t