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The sleeping bag is the safest blanket for a baby to sleep. The baby sleeping bag not only looks good, but is also pleasant to the touch and extremely comfortable. The sleeping bag is an excellent alternative to a traditional duvet cover. It prevents accidental covering of the airway during sleep, provides warmth and prevents the baby from unrolling. The sleeping bag is sewn by hand with the greatest attention to detail. It's made from premium soft cotton and filled with non-allergenic fleece. The sleeping bag is one of the essential accessories for a baby.


The construction and manufacturing of the sleeping bag allow the child to be free to move, while their body and legs will be covered at all times. The zipper is detachable on the upper side and goes down to the legs. Thanks to this, when changing the diaper, simply undo the zipper from the bottom and reveal only the baby's legs. It's very practical, especially at night, because you don't need to take the baby out of the sleeping bag to change him. The straps are closed with snap buttons.



- S (0 - 6 months, 75cm),

- M (6 - 12 months, 85cm).


Composition:The sleeping bag can be used all year round and is filled with 150g of anti-allergic non-woven fabric. Covered