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A sleeping bag is the basis of every baby's layette. It is a product that ensures a peaceful and sleepy night for every child. Sleeping in a sleeping bag is the safest option for newborns and babies.


Key features:

♡ breathable fabric with thermo-regulating properties

♡ lightweight filling - no overheating possible

♡ Snuggly wraps around you while you sleep

♡ safe to wear

♡ comfortable to move around, comfortable to sit on

universal size 0-18 months

♡ length 75cm


One of the most important activities in our lives is sleep! We need it every day for our body to function efficiently. Sleep deprivation affects the endocrine and immune systems, so it is very important to get enough sleep. In BabySteps sleeping bag there is no question of such a wake-up call. Wrapped in a soft and warm fabric your baby sleeps through the night. Our sleeping bags are recommended by Care Baby, the experts on calm children's sleep.


The biggest advantages of the sleeping bag:

♡ no irritating tags on the back

♡ removable shoulder fasteners

♡ zipper on the side - doesn't get in the way when sleeping or lying on tummy

♡ loose fit for comfortable nappy changes without waking up the baby

♡ has universal year-round filling with 2.5 TOG thermal insulation

♡ 2-in-1 sleeping bag, you can easily increase the size of the sleeping bag by unfastening the bottom

♡ replace a duvet, blanket - you don't have to cover your baby additionally while sleeping


Made in Poland (UE)

Sleeping Bag One Size Cherry Light - BabySteps

59,90 CHF Regular Price
39,90 CHFSale Price