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A warm and pleasant to the touch blanket for children from the MotulinKa brand. The Minky throw is perfect as a warm duvet, soft play mat or as a blanket for the stroller on colder days. The blankets in this series are made of high quality cotton and tactile Minky fleece. All fabrics used have been tested for safety and are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified.


Dimensions: 70x100cm


  • 100% premium cotton,
  • Minky - 100% polyester (anti-allergenic, safe for babies' sensitive skin.)


Do not iron minky plush fabric.



The teddy bear pillow is perfect as a cushion under the head in the stroller, on the changing table, in the deckchair or baby bed. It is also convenient when holding the baby in your arms - it is easier to maintain a comfortable position by supporting the baby's head. The cushion with ears, with flat padding, is suitable for babies as a pillow for the stroller. The soft cushion under the head cushions the shocks that occur when driving the stroller on uneven ground. This reduces the risk of your baby waking up and ensures peaceful sleep during your walks. Thanks to its cute ears, it will also prove useful as a favorite soft toy for sleeping and resting. For older toddlers, it will make naptime more enjoyable. Its universal size makes it a perfect choice for babies and preschoolers.


Dimensions: 35cm

Composition: 100% premium cotton

Filling:100% polyester, anti-allergenic, safe for babies' sensitive skin.


MotulinKa is a small family workshop created by Monika, which handcrafts unique sleeping and wrapping products for children. The fabrics used are of the highest quality and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified.All MotulinKa brand products are handmade artistic creations!  Each item is made with the utmost attention to detail. The creator of MotulinKa offers many products, each one as wonderful as the next, for the youngest. 


Made in Poland (EU)

Safari Minky Blanket and Teddy Bear Cushion Set - MotulinKa

69,90 CHFPrice