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A classic with a new look for this soft and modern swaddling bag!

Perfect for ensuring baby's sleep from birth, prolonging the feelings of comfort, security and warmth experienced in the womb.

The adorable cotton muslin angel nest sleeping bag, for beautiful adventures during your child's sweet slumber.

The soft and supple sleeping bag can be used in all seasons. This angel's nest has three folding sides, which can be tied with a pretty ribbon to fit baby perfectly.


Original and innovative, this pretty sleeping bag has it all:

- Safety: ensures baby's sleep from birth until about 6-8 months.

- Comfort: wraps your child in keeping him warm while leaving him free to move around, so he is in ideal conditions for a peaceful sleep.

- Baby nest : ideal for pram outings.

- Breastfeeding : offers unequalled comfort and intimacy to the mother during breastfeeding.


A beautiful, practical and useful birth gift idea that is sure to please the whole family.



- Materials: 100% high quality cotton (regulates heat very well, fulfils thermoregulatory functions, prevents overheating and envelops gently)

- Filling: Silicone fleece, 100% polyester, anti-allergic, safe for babies' sensitive skin.


Dimensions measured on the bound cover: 42×80 cm


MotulinKa is a small, family-run workshop founded by Monika, which makes unique handmade sleeping and wrapping products for children. The fabrics used are of the highest quality and Oeko-Tex standard 100 certified. All MotulinKa brand products are artistic handmade creations! Each item is made with the greatest attention to detail. The designer of MotulinKa offers many wonderful products for youngsters.


Made in Poland (EU)

Swaddle sleeping bag Maxi Boy - MotulinKa